Our Engineering and Technical Team

Credence Gas Services, LLC has one of the most experienced engineering teams in the  gas processing  industry. Our Chief Engineer alone (Ph. D. Chem. E., P.E.) has over three decades of experience in gas processing, with,  the majority of his time spent in design and production. Our Chief Engineer and our entire team possess the qualifications and experience you need.

We utilize HYSYS as our primary simulation program, which is the industry standard.  We have taken the time to maximize our operational effectiveness, creating custom extensions for our team to use while designing our products. Once we have run our simulation using HYSYS, we confirm the results with Heat Transfer Inc.’s (HTRI) simulation program. HTRI is the most accurate heat exchanger prediction program in the industry, therefore, we can stand by our projections and simulations with confidence.

When it comes to your gas processing systems, our team has extensive knowledge of the industry and the right experience. We consider every factor, producing solutions that are cost-effective and designed to suit your needs. 

 We have a technical service team with the experience and knowledge you need. You can count on us to provide a “total system” approach. In fact, our technical service supervisor alone has over a quarter of a century of experience in gas processing operations. With our supervisor’s experience in equipment design, manufacturing, installation, start-up, operations, and troubleshooting, we can offer you a complete solution with total confidence.

To learn more about our team and their qualifications, please call us at (832) 802-4033 today.
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