Operator Qualifications

We are proud to say that we are able to provide Operator Qualification (OQ) compliant personnel upon request. This non-prescriptive, performance-based regulation was first implemented in 2002 by the DOT’s Office of Pipeline Safety (OPS). It ensures that the knowledge and skills of pipeline employees are optimized, maximizing efficiency and safety. The goal is to reduce pipeline accidents and reduce the possibility of human error.

To carry out the goals of this program, pipeline operators must take the extra step of formally qualifying employees for the work they perform. This training goes beyond typical personnel training, and it is designed to protect the integrity of pipeline systems as well as safeguard the environment and communities near the pipeline route.

Safety is always the most important consideration of the pipeline industry, and OQ compliant personnel are an important part of ensuring that worksites, communities, and the environment are kept safe. With an OQ program in place, a pipeline operator can be assured that all personnel have the right expertise to perform the job correctly and safely.

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