NGL Processing (Bullet) Tanks

Bullet Tank Services for Houston & Dallas, TX

When you need a bullet tank, choose Credence Gas Services, LLC’s safe, effective, and efficient NGL processing tanks. Each one is manufactured to ASME standards, and we can provide NGL hauler specified load stations when you request it. Lastly, it goes without saying that we also provide technical, operational, start-up, and installation assistance. 

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Operational Conditions

We can provide bullet tanks suitable for a wide range of pressure and temperature ratings. We typically stock 10,000 – 30,000 gallon tanks, but larger tanks can be provided upon your request.

We ensure that your tank is ready for use. We thoroughly clean each vessel inside and out. We also externally sandblast them, and then we coat them with Sherwin-Williams industrial primer and paint.
Bullet Tank Dallas, TX
Additional Items

We provide all tanks as “bare” vessels, but we are happy to supply additional items to complete them. Ask us for saddles (1), customized concrete blocks (2), and NGL hauler specified tank and load station components (3).
Bullet Tank Houston, TX

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