Refrigeration Plants

Refrigeration Plant based in Houston & Dallas, TX

Mechanical Refrigeration System & Controls
  • Customized design attains maximum, consistent, results for gas processing applications. 
  • All electric powered, maximizing run-time and efficiency 
  • Can be supplied with an on-board computer system that monitors all sensing points and controls operation.
  • Remote monitoring and adjustment capabilities can be provided wherever an internet signal is available.
  • The units are provided with customized unloaders and a hot gas bypass that allows the units to achieve extremely high turn-down capacities. 
  • Can be supplied as a base model, for outdoor use, up to our explosion proof model, meeting Class 1 Div.2 specifications.

We design all of our vessels to meet the standards of the ASME code. We assemble all equipment and pressure-test it to ensure quality and durability. Everything is manufactured to the highest quality safety codes and standards.

Proprietary Insulation Protocol

Our proprietary insulation protocol allows for maximum processing results. It is designed to use the least amount of energy/pressure drop, allowing our plants to have the highest level of operational efficiency in the industry. This protocol comes standard with every one of our processing plants.

Gas-to-Liquid Heat Exchangers Available

When required, we include a gas-to-liquid heat exchanger on our plants. This exchanger pre-cools inlet gas utilizing NGL’s from the cold separator, providing maximum results.

Gas-to-Gas Heat Exchangers

As compared to a normal shell and tube heat exchanger, our custom designed hair-pin low-fin tube heat exchangers can allow 2.33 times more heat exchange per linear foot. They are created to allow you to obtain the maximum run time, because they use tubes that are welded, not pressed-in, to the tube sheet. This can allow the machine to operate at a higher pressures while minimizing the risks of leaks.

Our heat exchangers make use of a proprietary design that is created to be both extremely efficient and extremely flexible. Because of the wide variety of sizes and designs we can offer, we will be able to meet your particular processing needs.

Highest Quality Valves and Controllers

You can depend on Credence Gas Services, LLC to use only the highest quality valves and controllers on our processing plants.

If you have questions about our refrigeration or bullet tank services, contact us today.

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